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Welcome to Dreamclinic at Therapeutic Associates!

Therapeutic massage improves your quality of life by preventing and healing injuries. It also lowers stress,  eases muscle-tension, increases circulation and restores range of motion in your joints. Dreamclinic's goal is to make quality massage therapy accessible for busy people, athletes and folks recovering from injuries.

Book a massage around your physical therapy appointment or as a treatment alone.  

At this location, we accept cash, PIP/MVA and L&I appointments. We do not accept or bill for personal health insurance (PHI).  For cash clients who have a massage benefit in their PHI, we provide a medical invoice upon request with treatment codes for your self-billing. To request a medical invoice, please email with your name, appointment date and length of service.

Regretfully, we cannot treat Regence insured clients, even as cash-paid. This is due to contract limitations. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

To avoid scheduling issues, our system does not allow appointment scheduling with less than 15 minutes notice.  Please contact the therapist onsite for any immediate appointment openings. 

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